Children’s Vision

Your child’s vision is critical to their educational success.childs vision learning difficulties

Children’s vision is a specialty within optometry. Optometrists who are trained and skilled in assessment of children’s vision are known as Behavioural optometrists.

A child’s eyes and vision continue to develop through infancy and the primary school years. Then during the years of secondary education, certain genetic focus issues can develop including astigmatism and short-sightedness.

Throughout this whole period of the child’s growth, the following aspects of eyes and vision need to be functioning well:

  • vision must be clear and sharp without strain
  • the eyes must coordinate or ‘team’ together smoothly and without stress
  • the vision-processing (in the brain) must be well-organized and integrated with other functions like eye-hand coordination,
    understanding of space around the child etc.

So a full eye-test of a child’s developing vision requires far more than a simple letter chart test.

ACBO has a great webpage on vision and learning related vision problems.

He enjoys working with children and makes them feel comfortable during the eye examination so that it is a ‘fun’ experience for them.