Preventing Macular Degeneration

AMD vison loss
Simulated AMD vision loss

The biggest risk factors for Macular Degeneration (AMD) are age and having a family history of the disease.

However research has shown that there are also important life-style factors.

Here’s a summary of what you can do to prevent AMD:

  • Give up smoking if you are a smoker (smokers have 4 times the risk).
  • Reduce alcohol intake if you are a heavy drinker (heavy drinkers have around double the risk)
  • Lose weight if you are obese (obese people may have double the risk of visual loss)
  • Eat healthy  – a diet that is low in vegetables and fruit or high in processed foods and red meat increases risk of AMD.  Research published in Sept 2018 shows the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of blindness by 41%. See more here.
  • Exercise regularly – exercise at least 3 times a week cuts the risk of AMD by 25%
  • Wear sunglasses – protecting your eyes from UV rays reduces AMD risk

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