Eye Testing

Eye testingWhat your eye examination will test for….

1. Vision Tests:

  • long distance vision
  • TV vision
  • computer vision
  • reading and close vision

Should glasses be prescribed, the Optical Oasis team can show you a great range of eyewear with the best quality lenses.

2. Eye health tests including…

  • cataracts, glaucoma, macula degeneration
  • diabetic eye disease (if you have diabetes)
  • eye movement and eye muscle coordination
  • peripheral vision and visual fields

3. Latest high tech testing may be recommended….

  • a photo of the retina
  • an OCT scan of the macula and optic nerves
  • both OCT scan and photo

Eye examinations for holders of Health Care Cards and children are bulk-billed to Medicare whenever possible.

All others will be charged an out-of-pocket fee of $10 after the Medicare rebate.

Additional charges may apply for specialized new technology tests like OCT (with reduced rates for those with Health Care Card).

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