Contact Lens Options

Disposable lenses are by far the best kind of soft contact lenses*.

Multifocal contact lens

Among disposable lenses we have:

  • Daily disposables (single wear only)
  • Fortnightly disposables (14 wears)
  • Monthly disposables (30 wears)

Research is clear that daily disposables are preferable because they are less likely to cause eye infections or inflammation.  They are also far easier because there is no lens cleaning and no need for special soaking solutions or overnight storage.

In the past people who have astigmatism or who wear multifocal glasses were advised that they could not wear contact lenses.  These days, we are able to fit most kinds of eyes.

If you would like to explore contact lenses and experience a free trial wearing, please call us on 03 9583 0855 to make an appointment.

* Rigid (hard) contact lenses are also available but are usually recommended only for eyes with special problems.